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The Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Aragón, Spain (AJE Aragón) is a non-for-profit making organisation, whose aim is the promotion of a business vocation among young people, by offering them support and advise on the economic and business world. AJE Aragón was founded more than 20 years ago and currently has over 400 associates, making it the most represented young entrepreneurs association in the Autonomic Community of Aragon (Spain).


Provide information, training, and research counselling, to its members studying and promoting all of the themes that could affect this sector and their affiliates.
  It creates and helps in the developments and provides support to business projects.
Represents, manages and defends the professional interests of its members and captures and encourages the promotion and developments of business vocations between the youth.
  Co-operates with the different social organisations in order to obtain a stable growth and adequate quality level.
  Acts in promoting the International Co-operation, with special interest in the under developed countries.



We want our associates to interact with each other, join forces and achieve improved global competitiveness. In order to do this, we focused on the following activities:

  Participation in projects to improve competitiveness.
  Promotion of our members in different  national and international platforms.
  Organization of regional, national and international business networks.
  Networks among other institutiones:  CEAJE Spain (Spanish Confederation of Associations of Young Entrepreneurs with more than 20,000 members)  YES (European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs  over 40.000 entrepreneurs at European level)
  Offer training and counselling  in all areas of the business world.
  Organization of  conferences and business meetings, networking activities and working committees.
  Promotion of  international initiatives.
  Creation of  a Business Angels Network.



AJE Aragon works on different  activities to support  the creation of entrepreneurial initiatives, opportunities and new enterprisess among young people in Aragón.

AJE Aragón works with the start-ups in the following areas:

  Counseling   Specific Workshops
  Management   Seminars
  Training   Business Network




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